Carnival Balls & Parties

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Redentore 2019: La Chic Boat party

Join us to the Redentore boat party 2019 in the St Mark basin with drinks, buffet dinner, fireworks and music till late!

from 145.00

Duration Saturday 20th July 2019 from 06:00 pm to 05:00 am

Il Ballo del Doge 2020 Carnival Rhapsody

Carnival is real life, or real life is nothing but a Carnival?

from 2000.00

Duration Saturday 22nd February 2020

Venice Carnival Party Cruise

A not-to-be-missed appointment for exclusive evenings on board the Venetian Galleon during Carnival!

from 110.00

Duration 14th -15th - 16th February and 20th - 21st - 22th - 23rd February 2020

Redentore 2019: Aperitif & Dinner at Gabrielli

Admire the Redentore fireworks from a suggestive venue front the venetian lagoon

from 44.00

Duration Saturday 20th July 2019 (approx 5 hours)

Mascheranda Grand Ball

Mascheranda Grand Ball takes place in the most elegant palace overlooking the Grand Canal, includes international entertainment and dinner

from 250.00

Duration Sunday 23rd February 2020

Avanspettacolo Venezia Cabaret Dinner Show

Avanspettacolo Venezia presents the first Italian Cabaret Dinner Show, a mesmerising Experience.. not to be missed!

from 80.00

Duration Approx 4-Hour